Furniture Refinishing
Known for world renowned work and refinishing, and an almost dying art.
Furniture Refinishing Repair .com
Michigan's leading  furniture refinishing company, based out of Grand Rapids Michigan.
(a.k.a "The Furniture City")   Furniture Refinishing  is  dedicated to the restoration,
refinishing and repair of wood furniture.  That includes antiques and contemporary furniture,
From small pieces (like cedar chests, end tables or individual chairs.) To entire bedroom or
dinning-room suits. Furniture Refinishing has high standards of craftsmanship
using the most durable materials available including adhesives, paints , stains,epoxy's and lacquers. 
Although my main business is to refinish antique and wood furniture for residential and commercial
customer's. It has always been my dream to have  a antique store front.   It seems like anytime that I
have time I am looking for that next antique or collectible item I can purchase to restore and put up for
resale So within this website you will find pages of  furniture i have restored for clients and antique and 
collectibles for sale 

   Furniture Repair & Refinish
Furniture Refinishing
Furniture Refinishing Repair .com    I can remember
when Baker Furniture, Kindel Furniture, and other
wood furniture manufacturing companies in
Grand Rapids Michigan (a.k.a "The Furniture City"). 
As a little bit of furniture city died through the years,
Quality wood furniture companies, known around
the world began to close there doors. 
The economy was changing and to become
competitive within the market  I needed to 
make changes too.
Thus,  Furniture Refinishing was born.
known for world renowned work and refinishing ,
and a almost dying art. 
Furniture Refinishing offers World class service,
antique restoration, furniture repair, and furniture refinishing. 
Furniture City may had died off, but
Furniture Refinishing is here to stay.. 
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 Antique Sideboard Restoration
The sideboard dates back to the 18 century,
sideboards started to replace serving tables which
had marble tops and were very heavy.  Although these 
serving tables were nice the sideboard had ample 
storage, being able to store your flatware and silver.
What a beautiful antique.  
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for all your Antique Restoration and Repair
 The Telephone Table and Chair Combination 
The Telephone Table dates to the early 1900s.
Telephone tables were practical for anyone with 
a phone.  Although this table was refinished in a
cherry finish these table and chair combos came in 
oak, walnut, and mahogany.  This Telephone  table 
is a beautiful antique withe a gorgeous finish. 
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for all your Antique Refinishing
 Antique Refinishing   
Desk Refinishing.  Antique Kidney Shaped Desk
First appearing in France in the 18th century. The Kidney 
Shaped Desk, was well known in Europe.  Although during the
great depression of the 20th century, The desk was used
as a lady's bedroom desk,  and hardly ever seen outside
the bedroom.  Furniture Refinishing 
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Antique Furniture Refinishing 
This is a gorgeous antique, although when this desk was 
brought to Furniture Refinishing
Refinishing you would of  never known what a treasure
that this antique desk was.
  Furniture Refinishing
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             Dinning Room Furniture Refinishing restoration Services 
         Furniture Refinishing 
Furniture Refinishing  from just re gluing or repairing a chair. To refinishing just the set of chairs Furniture refinishing
would love to help you out with your restoration project.  We refinish tables, chairs, sideboards, hutches, buffets, dinning sets, Check out more 
on are Table & chair Refinishing page above.  If your looking to purchase a table or chair, or sideboard feel free to email me with some more info on 
what your looking for.
Bedroom Furniture Refinishing Restoration Services
Furniture Refinishing
Furniture Refinishing  would love to help you out with your bedroom furniture restoration  projects.  From changing the color of a
dresser to refinishing or restoring a whole bedroom set .   Furniture Refinishing  refinishes and restores beds  , nightstands , vanity's ,
dressers , wardrobe's , armoire's , and chest of drawers.  Furniture Refinishing is dedicated to restore your antiques and collectible
furniture back to there natural beauty .    Call or email for more info  
 Office Furniture Refinishing restoration Services 
Furniture Refinishing
From home to  work.    Furniture Refinishing .  Can refinishes and restores all types of office furniture.   We refinish desks . secretary's , conference tables , credenza's,map chest, office chairs , bookshelf's  and many other type off office furniture you may need refinished or restored 
Antique  Refinishing Restoration Services
Furniture Refinishing
Furniture Refinishing  We Specializing in antique refinishing and the restoration of antiques and collectible pieces.  from restoring  old 
antique jelly cabinets ,refinishing antiques , organs , antique cupboards ,antique iceboxes , old curio cabinets Furniture Refinishing Repair . com can bring
your antiques back to there original beauty using the same type of finishing products  as baker, kindel, and widdicomb furniture company's has used for years. 
Furniture Refinishing Repair .com wants to make  sure your antiques will last for years to come 

Furniture Repair
Furniture Refinishing Repair offering furniture repair from  Repairing, loose joints, broken legs, chair repair. veneer repair,  antique repair.  We repair furniture.    Furniture Refinishing Repair  has been specializing in antique repair and antique restoration for years .  Call or email us if you need your antiques repaired.


Shopping  for antiques or collectibles
Furniture Refinishing Is not only
a restoration company  We also sell
antiques and collectible items.
A beautiful burled walnut table with beautiful
wood grain this table can be purchased
and can be purchased at my online antique
 A beautiful mahogany secretary display cabinet 
Made in the early 19 hundreds with gorgeous
carvings and shelves Asking price
Can be purchased at my online antique store
Dinning Set For Sale   
 This is just a beautiful queen Anne dinning
room set that I had purchased in Saginaw MI
It has been restored to its original condition. 
All the chairs have been repaired and re  glued.



                   Furniture Refinishing
 Services the state and surrounding City's  Ann arbor, battle creek, central MI, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids,Holland, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Monroe, muskegon, northern Michigan, port huron Saginaw, midland, bay city, south bend / Michigan, south west Michigan, The Thumb, Chicago, Illinois, Toledo. Ohio. 
Furniture Refinishing Repair . com Is on of they leading antique  and collectible restoration company' In the state of Michigan. and has been refinishing  furniture  for  years.    From antique refinishing to furniture restoration you can count on furniture Refinishing Repair . com  That is why we  offer furniture decorating, hand painted signs, murals, and
any other furniture refinishing work you need done.  Furniture Refinishing offers pick up and delivery.
We refinish furniture in LaSo think of Furniture Refinishing  the next time you need your table refinished, chair repaired,
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